Posted on Jul 8, 2012 in Tips | 1 comment

Sewing on pleather or faux leather can be quite tricky when using a home sewing machine. When I first started working with pleather, I ┬áhad issues like skipped stitches and the material not feeding through the machine properly due to friction. Frustrated, I Googled the heck out of my computer for solutions and tried all sorts of funny ideas to make it work. The most common advice was changing to a teflon foot. Well, I didn’t . . . simply because I had to go out and hunt for one. No thanks. Next, please! I then took another advice and started sewing the pleather with a tissue paper on it. Terrible, terrible idea. Sure, it fed through my machine like a charm but I had to manually tweeze the annoying bits of tissue sticking out from each seam after tearing out the tissue paper from the pleather. TOO MUCH WORK. I didn’t even dare to attempt the “powder” advice – sounds messy. So, I did a little experimenting on my own and discovered that masking tape does have special magic powers. ;-)